Work in Progress, Giselle’s Studio

McGuffey Art Center

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  1. Trying to find the “owner” of eyeinhand…

    stumbled upon your video of …(somrthing) the Manokin River… and subsequently something about Lightnings…

    Having a house on the Manokin …and having owned two Lightnings (the first one # 2— , late 40’s, I’ll check; the second #2 in Euro Chmpnships in the 80’s, not me)) …

    So, some connections. Next time in Tangier Sound area, touch base…

  2. Hi Bob, just so happens I’ll be back along Tangier Sound and the Manokin the first week of May. Meeting up with many of the same boats in those videos. If you keep an eye out you may even see some of them two weeks before that.

    The old Lightning #2833 is a great boat. Built in 1947. Needs some work, but after one season of playing with it I can tell it will be worth the trouble.

    I’ll get in touch.

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