A Very Large Small Town


Our little town is amazing. We’ve always known that. The past two weeks, though, showed just how amazing it is. And more surprising, how very big our little town truly is. The flood of kindness and generosity has been overwhelming, from near and far – across the street, across the country, across the world even – from friends and family, and people who don’t even know us.

We steel ourselves against all the bad we know will come one day, prepare to do the hard things just so we can get through them. But we never prepare for the unexpected good. The good has slayed us.

People are amazing. Really and truly amazing.

Thank you for being part of our town. Thank you all.

Barry & Terri











4 Replies to “A Very Large Small Town”

  1. Barry-

    I’m sorry to hear about your loss. Wow.

    I had a fire in my childhood home and I’ll never forget the awful smell, nor how kind people were to us afterwards.

    I’m glad you can see some beauty in the remains.


    1. Thanks Bruce. I’ve been no stranger to fire, strangely. Has been a recurring character in a long libretto, a late Mozart sort of opera. I may never react to the warm, comforting, wood smoke smell the same way again.

  2. Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. I had no idea, until I was re-reading your melonseed posts that this happened. I can’t imagine how it felt watching this unfold and I’m so glad your family is OK.

    1. We’re doing fine now, though it was quite a distressing year. After getting through all that and more, a global pandemic and a crashing economy come along and we’re like, “phffft, we got this.” Hope you’re well, too.

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