Crossing Over

The outboard on the skiff died, the one that ferries us over. Her father, the waterman, boat builder, sawmiller, got it running again.

“Go on over,” he said around a cigarette, “if you get stuck I’ll come get ya. “

She took our old friends across the marsh. I followed behind, paddling against the breeze that rattled through the sawgrass

Trees Dancing with the Moon

The moon was full and bright last night. From the porch I could see it clearly through the trees for the first time since last Spring.

In the morning the maples had dropped all their leaves, now piled around their ankles like crimson silk slips or night gowns, bare arms outstretched to the sky.

I’m sure the moon had something to do with it.

Yesterday and today were in the 80s, and the wind blew all day. By afternoon the color was gone, dry leaves swirling across the lawn into eddies on porches and shrubs.

Tomorrow it will get down into the low 20s, first hard freeze of the season. One last hurrah before winter.

Light Harmonies

Got out for a bit, change of scenery.

Heard a poet singing to a park of children and tent homes,
from the hole where the hearse wasn’t, at a funeral home.

A nice place to watch the slow turn of celestial spheres.

Melonseed Sailing on the Rappahannock

Aeon pulled on the bar as Doug glides in.

Had a spectacular day of sailing on Saturday. My first day out since May. Perfect weather with good wind and the first hint that Fall is on the way. Five hours of really fine sailing, followed by local seafood in a waterside restaurant. In the photo above, we pulled up on what looked like an old oyster midden, a bar of shells with a quiet tidal pool behind it.

Still basking in the residual glow, but more photos to come while I piece together video clips.