Time Lapse ~ Director’s Cut

Caught thinking. Frame grab from the video.


By request, here’s an extended version of the time lapse video of the building process. I made the short one first, knowing it would be easier to hold everyone’s attention for five minutes, but it does move too fast to see very much.

Link to the short version.

At this slower speed, about 11 minutes, you begin to see more details of what’s actually happening. You can see individual people, visitors and helpers. The seasons come and go. Winter is many layers of clothes and a wool hat. Summer is walking through in shorts with a cup of coffee and stopping to fiddle with something, or in a straw hat taking a break from yard work (a long break – obviously working on the boats had more appeal).

Steam comes out of the steambox. The four-legged step stool moves around the floor like a plastic dog, and many-legged centipedes wander about patrolling the floor, too. And there are the real dogs, of course. These photos are all single frame grabs from the video.








Dust clouds the air during the sanding, and settles again. Steps I couldn’t photograph because they were too awkward show up. Terri and the girls helping when they’re home and available to lend a hand. For me, of course, that’s especially fun to see.
















The water heater gets replaced. Sunlight moves across the floor and goes dark. Friends come for the Boat Birthing Party. It’s like a flickering rolodex of memories.






Here’s the video:


 Youtube Link



4 Replies to “Time Lapse ~ Director’s Cut”

  1. Thank you, Barry!
    Mary has been working on home video editing and is especially concerned about soundtrack timing. She watched this with an occasional murmur of approval for the musical accents. Well done.


  2. Hi Ronald, many reasons for two. Twin daughters, twin boats. There are four people in our family, room for two in each boat makes room for all. One big boat would not fit out the basement door. It’s more fun sailing with two boats.

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