Winter’s Coming


Normally, starting in September, I take the trailer to a local sawmill once a week or so and bring home a load of firewood. By the time of first frost I have a winter’s worth put by. Been doing this for nearly 20 years. I know the sawmill owner, his wife, watched their kids grow up; though I only see any of them a few times a year, every fall.

Been too busy for anything, let alone firewood. Drove the trailer to the sawmill and noted a big dumptruck on the lot.

Said, “Do you deliver?”
“Sure do.”
“How much for one of those full?”
“Wood as usual, fifty more delivered.”

We chatted a good while about how Germany’s decision to go all renewables had skewed the markets here, and elsewhere. All the good lumber was getting ground up to make pellets, etc.. (Fodder for another post). He said this was probably the last year he’d have firewood. Couldn’t afford it. All the timber was going to Germany.

Best $50 I ever spent. Not done stacking, yet.










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