My Dreamhouse



I don’t want much.


credit: Off-shore fishing cabin in Port Mansfield, TX. Contributed by Christian Heuer.
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  1. Thanks, guys. Same to ya. Even you guys where it’s summer now.

    Eddie, a couple of years ago I read an article (in an actual print magazine) about former crab shacks on the Eastern Shore you could rent by the night. I kept the article.

    Unfortunately, THESE crab shacks come with linen sheets in your unpainted plank bedroom (complete with chocolates on the pillows), a chef ferried out in the morning to cook you a gourmet breakfast, and a professional guide to lead you and your companion there and back as you kayak to it from shore.

    In sum, waaaay to rich for my taste. Staying in a real unheated, abandoned crab shack, eating a can of soup or hash heated over a butane stove, and sleeping on the floor in a down bag are more my speed. If you find out about any of those, let me know and I’ll buy you a six pack from one of our fine upcountry breweries.

    Make that two.


  2. Thanks EB.

    This is the one I knew about. As I read it, cost for two people would come to somewhere north of $1200 – maybe $2400, since there’s a two night minimum. Hard to tell from the info given. That does include personal guide service, all the sea kayaking equipment, and all meals prepared for you. Sounds terrific, but they’re definitely catering to a high end market, one I don’t frequent very often.

    I haven’t been able to get David Burden, the owner, on the phone yet. Want to ask if the cabin can be rented without all the frills. May not be possible, even if he’d like to. It’s located in a protected nature preserve (the Nature Conservancy owns much of it), and one condition of allowing overnight guests may be the guide service. Normally, overnight camping anywhere in the Virginia Coastal Preserve is prohibited. At least that’s my understanding.

    Unless you are sleeping on your boat, anchored out in Magothy Bay, for instance. Or on Mockhorn Island in the WMA, where it is allowed.

    Where did you and your boys stay for your overnighter?

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