Smith Island ~ Withholding Evidence


Silence since the trip to the Inner Islands is not without good reason. I returned with over a thousand of photos and video, better than most trips, and good stories to tell. A draft write-up and sample images were sent to Chris Cunningham, editor of Small Boats Monthly, and he wants to use them in an upcoming issue of the online magazine, probably July.

Chris rightfully wants first dibs on the photos and video, and I’m happy to comply. That means I won’t be posting whatever he doesn’t use until he’s made his final selection and the story is published. A longer delay than usual, even for me, but well worth it. A very good reason indeed.

The grid of thumbnails above is just a small sample – the first 24 – of roughly 200 select shots and video clips culled from over1126 photos, and more than an hour of video. A lot to look through. The article will display the full frame of whatever shots are used, and the story of what it took to get where the photos were taken.

Clearly, a great trip.

More on this soon . . .



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