Red Breasted Mergansers in Winter Plummage

Mergansers in Winter Plummage


Spending a little time in the Low Country. Regular programming will resume shortly.

There’s a big tidal pool in front of the house where we’re staying, an artifact left from the finger-painting and re-arranging session Hurricane Matthew had along the coast here. A big chunk of the island to the north was amputated and deposited here, trapping a lagoon between the dunes and the surf. Wildlife moved in quickly to take advantage of it.

In just a few minutes spent scanning the pool from the porch, I see these mergansers, storks, Great Blue and Great White Herons, egrets in three varieties, pelicans, sandpipers, and, of course, several types of gulls.

Foggy when we arrived, the wind is now strong out of the north, cold and spitting rain. The surf is looking vengeful. Maybe warm enough for a walk in a couple of days.



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