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  1. Hello – from Charlottesville!

    Recently discovered your site looking for information on the Melonseed skiff (I’m strongly considering a used Crawford boat currently on CL as my first sailboat).

    Really appreciate the information and videos you’ve shared on your handmade boats! Both are well done. Also appreciate reading about some of the sailing areas closest to home here in Central VA, since I am a total beginner.

  2. Hey Scott, you can’t go wrong with a Crawford Melonseed. They make a great first boat. And most people hang on to them even after they add something bigger later. There’s at least one other Crawford Melonseed already in Cville.
    This weekend I began working in earnest to get my boats back on the water after two hard years away from it. Maybe by the end of April.

  3. Great to hear! Good luck getting the boats back in action. I’m curious about trying Beaver Creek Reservoir since it is a very nearby option with a boat launch. We’ve paddle-boarded there but have never seen a small sailboat. If I acquire the MS and try it out will report…

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