Retro Repost #7 ~ Fogg’s Cove

Melonseed and Navigator in Fogg’s Cove
St. Michaels, Maryland


It’s been hovering around 100 degrees here for weeks. Thunderstorms roll through several times a day. Not so great for boating this time of year here in the South. Going through some old photos helps. More coming in the days ahead.




Retro Repost #1

Dan Sutherland in one of his sailing canoes


Thus begins a new series, likely attended with no regard for schedules or continuity, re-posting notable photos from years past.

More often than not, in a place where one fine photo can be taken, many many more are gathered at the same time. Because I’m a lousy editor I post a lot of them at once. Which means that many very fine photos get buried in the deluge.

Less is more sometimes, so now and then (especially in winter, or when weather or circumstances otherwise inhibit acquisition of new photos) I’ll pull out some favorites and give them their due.

These photos are from October 2010. It was a beautiful weekend for the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival in St. Michaels, Maryland. Dan Sutherland was Boatshop Manager at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum then. He was one of the foremost experts in Rushton canoes, and the museum always had several beauties turn out for the show.

He love sailing them, a unique and challenging art form all its own.

These photos are from the middle of the race. Dan enjoying good wind and sunshine on a fine day, on one of his fine canoes.


On a reach with batwing sails in the Miles River