To the Inlet

We took the kayaks and paddled to the north inlet on a very calm and pleasant day. More of the north end of the island has eroded away, deposited at the southern end – opening up the north inlet more, but closing off the southern inlet completely.

The island is no longer an island.

~ postcards from the road

East of the Sun, West of the Moon

The Beaver Moon, a full moon, on the night of a full lunar eclipse. Clear skies, calm winds. A great night to spend on the beach with a toasty bonfire.

Moonrise over the marsh.

Folks started to drift off one by one as the night wore on. Tom and I stayed with the fire until midnight, when there was nothing left but embers, and the wind – expected to be fierce by the morrow – finally swung around to the north and began to build.

I was amazed by how bright it was. The moon cast deep shadows on the sand, and laid a carpet of glitter across the Bay.

~ postcards from the road

Days End

One good thing about working from home is time for an end of day walk before dark. When commuting every day, the golden hour was spent cooped up in a car navigating traffic.

This is a huge improvement