Mountain Orchards

Apple Orchard in Bloom, Blue Ridge

We drive through the little valley below Jefferson’s Monticello every day. Up above Monticello, along the ridge of Carter’s Mountain, is an orchard and vineyard with wide views of the Piedmont to the East and the Blue Ridge to the West. We’ve been going there since the kids were small, picking warm peaches in summer, pumpkins for Halloween, then apples and cider right up to first snows. In Spring, cycles of bloom sweep over the ridge like vast, slow moving clouds, starting first with the cherries.

Since most of the activity is in the Fall, it’s a show that goes on without an audience, except for the few people who live there, like a movie playing in an empty theatre.



White Barn in the Valley


Abandoned House



Trees Outlive Trucks



Terracing Down the Hillside




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