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Off the tip of Windmill Point and Stingray Point in the Chesapeake Bay, at the mouth of the Rappahannock River, is Wolftrap Lighthouse. It’s a well-known landmark, or rather seamark, for watermen and boaters in the area. I’ve passed it many times, myself. It was decommissioned and auctioned off by the Coast Guard back in the ’70’s, and moved into private hands. It’s up for sale again. For $288,000 you get the lighthouse and a piece of marshland on shore a mile away where you can launch a boat to get to it.

Now this is my idea of a dream home.

One problem, apparently, is the structure draws fish, and that draws fishermen. Most of the year you would wake up at dawn, wander out onto the balcony in your PJ’s with the paper and a cup of coffee, and, instead of a peaceful private morning – just you and the sea and the seagulls – you will have to share it with a flotilla of sparkly boats and fishermen and fishermen’s wives and buddies and kids and girlfriends, with their radios blaring and engines idling.

Sort of spoils the moment, I imagine.


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  1. On a gorgeous July summer day with only 1-2′ swells on the Chesapeake Bay I chartered a boat for a trip out to the Wolf Trap Lighthouse. At the beginning of the trip the lighthouse is visible from shore. As we draw near I am amazed at how massive the structure looks from the boat. There was one other vessel there that day fishing which is common from time to time during the season. To climb up the ladder to the main deck was an accelerating adventure! Once inside the 1500′ structure with 5 levels I could imagine owning and renovating this lighthouse – an adventure in itself. The views are breathtaking! It could be the ultimate waterfront experience. Yes there is work to be done in the renovation but imagine how many opportunities like this come along – to own a historic lighthouse coupled with a waterfront lot as a launching spot to and from.

  2. Hi, I truly enjoyed seeing the beautiful pictures of Woltrap. My Dad was in the Coast Guard during WW2 and stationed on the Wolftrap Lighthouse. growing up he told many amazing stories about the lighthouse and he also passed those stories onto my children.
    I was both surprised and pleased when I found out that Wolftrap was for sale. I only hope that someone buys it and restores it to its glory days as my dear departed father would have said. I would love to buy it myself as a memorial and lasting tribute to my Dad who served his country proudly.
    One day I hope to visit Wolftrap but, for now I will cherish the many photos of my Dad keeping the lighthouse lights burning for all those who served. I will also, cherish the many stories he told and pass them along to my grandchildren one day.
    This Memorial Day I dedicate this page to my Dad and all who have served who served and are serving in the Coast Guard.

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