Masts, Sprits, Sails and Such

Rigging Test 


(to start of project)

Been varnishing (le Tonk-ing?) the sprits and masts all week. This was after testing the sail fit and marking off hardware locations, cut-off lengths for sprits, attachments spots, etc.














Between coats, other details are getting checked off. Wrapping oars (a little “French Whipping” anyone?) and oarlocks, applying Loctite to some screws here and there, making the Main Sheet Block Horse thingie on the Rudder Heads, laying out the rest of the rigging hardware, finishing up the Centerboard controls, etc..

Also, after taking measurements during the rigging test, I could see I need to refine the adjustable mast step sockets. My guess was off by a quarter inch, and in the most upright position the masts raked back a smidge too far. They will still be adjustable (thank goodness) but need to be centered closer to the sweet spot.

The bronze oarlocks came from Duckworks on Friday. I borrowed a set from the old sharpie skiff to try once the boats were outside, and it looks like the standard size will work. Having the sockets mounted wide and high in the rails helps for sure.

The rails are the same height as the socket hardware, so instead of drilling all the way through the decks for the bronze post to poke through, they’re just sealed with epoxy at the bottom on the desk surface. This raises the oarlocks a half inch – just enough. If it works out okay in a water test I won’t have to make oarlocks, which would be great. The type from Duckworks has a nice, smooth, rounded bottom, but I may epoxy a little disk of brass at the bottom of the hole to take the wear. Water will pool in the sockets, but at least it won’t pour into the boats when the rails are under water.




We had between six and eight inches of rain the last few days, thanks to Irene and Lee. It looked like the boats would float away in the back yard. It became quite evident I need to go ahead and install those drain plugs ASAP rather than later. I had to siphon out the boats several times a day, every day, when the tarps failed and the rain wouldn’t quit. But I wanted to see where the water collected before drilling holes in the hulls. Glad I waited, as I’ve decided to move them from where I thought they should go.

Tomorrow I’ll start on the trailer modifications.

The timelapse video is still coming. I just can’t bring myself to give up a day to spend it futzing on the computer when there are still things to do.




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3 Replies to “Masts, Sprits, Sails and Such”

  1. Oh man! Looking great! So many details. I can’t wait to see them in the water!

    Three weeks and counting. Better get those drain plugs in, rigging finalized, outboards installed, radar, fathometer, batteries, running lights, etc.

    Catch up with you soon.


    1. You’re back! How’s civilization? Sucks, right?

      Drain plugs and trailer, that’s pretty much it now. Skipping the rest til winter. Mast hardware installed today. Going for trailer parts, tomorrow. Maybe a test row in the morning.

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