A Shed for the Shed

Door widened


Here’s a little project that’s been put off for awhile: making the old shed into a boat shed. This shed has already been enlarged once. Originally it was built for a Model T and not much else. Then extended. Then sort of sealed and insulated by someone for some reason, which failed miserably. It was also wired to make an excellent electrical fire hazard, which I quickly removed. It’s falling down already – the floor collapsing, the foundation crumbling. It does have a newish roof. Perfect for a boat shed, right?

The idea is to be able to easily roll in the trailer with both boats loaded. For protection from the sun, mainly. Since October, the boats have been sitting under some scaffolding with covers on, and the sun has already bleached out the paint on the scaffolding. Sun is the worst, but puddling water is bad, too. I tried tarps. Rain and snow and ice build up on tarps and tear them to shreds. Then whatever is under them fills up with all that moisture, mixes with dirt and decaying leaves, and rots everything very quickly. Tarps haven’t worked.

Oh yes, and a hoist to lift the top boat off would be nice.

First step was to make a new shed on the back of the old shed to hold the mowers, tillers, yard tools and such. Right now they have a temporary, um, tarp for protection. You can see a green one through the back window in the photo above. If all else works out, I’ll replace that in the spring with a more permanent roof.

Next was to widen the door by about two feet so the trailer will fit. That’s now done. Now I have to clear out all the cr*p that has accumulated in there. Sheds are like big eddies  – all the sediment of daily life seems to settle there. All the stuff you don’t want anymore but can’t bring yourself to throw away. When we moved into this house, that shed was so jammed with refuse from floor to ceiling, left by the previous owners, that you couldn’t get more than a foot in the door. It took six pickup truck loads hauled to the dump to clear out. It’s been an ongoing battle to keep it from getting that way again ever since. Closets have nothing on sheds in this regard.

Will start the decluttering tomorrow. Then will reinforce the floor and figure out the hoist. I’ll have fun tinkering with that. Then make new doors.

All this has to be done before the shed, and the yard, look like this:


Door before, and snow




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  1. You mean, if the sheds collapses on the boats? Too bad that big old Walnut tree that fell two years ago didn’t land on it. Just missed. The insurance would have covered that, and I’d have a new shed now.

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