Plan B

Working hard at the office.



Morning was glorious. Wild Turkeys crowing instead of roosters. Snapped a few photos of the sunrise. It was so striking to see the lotus leaves floating in the sky, buoyed by red clouds.

Red sky at morning . . .




Savored it a while over coffee and fruit. Listened to the weather radio. Not sounding good. Tornados were likely; hail and vicious thunderstorms at the very least. Not a good time to be on the water in a small boat. Starting maybe as soon as noon.

The tent worked great. Perfect really, and very comfortable; but it wouldn’t hold up in a storm like that. Stowed the tent, hauled up, and rowed back to the ramp.

Time to head for town. It would blow over in a day.







Back at the landing, some watermen were emptying their nets ahead of the storm, then battening down for the night. Made another pot of coffee and watched them work.







Loaded up the boat and gear and headed back to Chestertown. Stopped to grab a few photos of the fields and farms. The sky looked grey and threatening, spit a bit of rain now and then, but mostly it just looked grey, and would be like that all day. The real storms wouldn’t arrive until that night, it turns out, and most of the worst would stay well to the west along the mainland shore. Better safe than sorry, though.





Here’s a gallery of photos from the morning:



And a short video:





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