Assateague Island: Storm Edition

Assateague Island, before Sandy 

 Wow, that was different.

Sunday through Wednesday were the best days of sailing I’ve ever had. Clear autumn sunshine, steady breezes, afternoons in the 80’s, good friends, etc..

But before I can get the photos up, an epic hurricane rolls in and buries everything under 4 feet of wind-driven storm surge, erasing it all.


Assateague Island, after Sandy


The wind gauge on the nearest weather station last registered 80mph before it broke. The sea cut a new inlet across the island south of where we camped. The dunes have been flattened, smeared westward, taking another big step in the island’s slow march toward the mainland.


New inlet cut by the storm, dunes smeared across the strand.



Ferry Landing



Parking lot.


From the Delmarva News Leader:

Due to severe damage, several areas of the seashore still remain closed.

  • The Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge is closed and there will be no hunting on the National Seashore until further notice.
  • According to officials, 95 percent of beach parking has been destroyed.
  • The Old Ferry Landing Road, Bayside Drive and South Ocean Beach parking lots are closed until further notice due to damage, high water and unsafe conditions.
  • The cycling and pedestrian bridge is severely damaged and is closed until further notice.
  • Portions of the bike lanes on the island were also damaged and are unsafe.
  • All developed area camping is closed until further notice.
  • All back country camping is closed until further notice.
  • The Over Sand Vehicle (OSV) zone is closed until further notice.
  •  All hunting in the National Seashore is closed until further notice.
  • Wildlife on the island, including horses, deer and turkey, have been observed to be fine.

The island, left mostly in its natural state, is amazingly resilient. The inlet will close up, the dunes will rebuild. Only the manmade structures will not return on their own.

Keep all this in mind as you view the posts over the next few days.





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  1. I grew up around there, so I’ve seen all of that stuff in person, back when it was still square, level, and standing upright. It’s neat to see you and your boat traveling around areas I remember.

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