Assateague Island: Surf Video

Surf video, with music soundtrack


direct video link

When I arrived at Assateague, Tony had been surfing for four hours straight. Cold and tired, but happy. After he built his Melonseed, a sailboat, he built several beautiful wooden surfboards. In case you’ve forgotten, he still lives in Montana.

I know, right? Nearest big water is coming out of glaciers. Dude has a serious geography problem. And he makes maps for a living!

Anyway, when he gets near a coast he likes to play with all his water toys. He didn’t pack one of the hand made surfboards as carry-on luggage, so he rented one at a shop near the island. The first day, the waves were bigger, but fading. By the next morning the swell was down to just swell, but still a nice way to spend time on the beach. Chilly wind out of the North pushing big flocks of geese and ducks southward, but warmish still and plenty of clear hard sunshine and blue skies.

I only had a little portable tripod, so it gets jerky in a few spots, but here’s some video from that afternoon and the next morning. The one above has a music soundtrack from Kaki King’s new album Glow. Or, if you prefer just the natural sounds of waves and wind, the one below is just that. Can’t decide which I like better.


Surf video, just the sound of wind and waves





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    1. From what I saw, that beach was scoured down about six feet. The parking lot at the end of the campsites, by the canoe launch, lost the beach in front and about 40 feet of asphalt.

      Wondering how the rest looks.

      We got there just in time.

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