Assateague Island: Day 1 Sailing Video


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I’m not sure what the piece of music is in this video. I used to visit music chat rooms long ago, where people would post pieces of things they were working on that others could download, add another layer, and repost. I always liked this one, and it managed to survive the move from one computer to another for the last 10 years.

The wind clocked around as forecast, starting out West, shifted South – easing a bit in the middle of the day while it made up its mind, then picked up again toward dusk. It made for lots of long reaches up and down the Sound, with a quick and quiet run home at the end. Sustained legs above 5 knots were the norm, breaking 7 knots a few times. Great stuff.

Once the need for tacking dissipated, I was able to break out the camera and get some video, and Tony snagged some, too.



On the GPS track, you can see we skirted along the edge of Great Egging Island, only about 20 feet off shore. I’m told there’s an old house there, but I couldn’t see it, just the remains of what was once a dock.

We both noticed the large flocks of birds from the night before, riding the strong North wind, were absent today. Surely they take advantage of the weather changes, waiting out the headwinds, hopping on the next invisible train going their way. Two days later, when the South wind had blown itself out, they returned again.

This last bit is a snippet of the marsh, birds, a wild pony visible from the campsite.


direct video link



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