Janes Island ~ Amphibious Interlude


They’ve redone all the bathrooms at the park. Now they’re nicer than we have at home. Pretty sad when taking the wife for a camping trip is a step up in the world.

So nice, that critters have taken up residence. This little fellow greeted us in the showers in the morning. I stood in the door to the stall, staring at this thing on the wall, trying to get my half-caffeinated brain to register what it was. Too compact for a spider. Shiny and green. Are any spiders shiny and green?

It moved. It dropped with a plop. A Green Tree Frog,  Hyla cinerea, and a pretty big one. Dude was having a tough go of it. Scalding hot water would probably do him in. I scooped him up and put him in the shaving kit while the cleansing operation proceeded.



Turned him loose by the campsite. He took a shine to the water jug before heading off into the woods.












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