Full Moon for the Hike Home #nocturnes #eyeinhand

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  1. I have been watching your videos on You Tube and I am wondering if you are done with the boats. I am curious about what happened to your Lighting Sailboat. If you have time update me on the boat situation. I have enjoyed videos and you did an excellent job. I am ready for spring and the sailing season!

    1. No, not done with boats at all. But had to take a long hiatus. We had a house fire two years ago this month. Took a whole year focused on the rebuild to get through that to the point we could move in again. Then, just as weather was warming up the pandemic hit, so we’ve spent this year mostly dealing with working remote and finishing house projects. Looking forward to getting back on the water in the spring. That old Lightning has been waiting under a tarp until I can work on fun stuff again.

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