My Kingdom for a Winch (Wench?)

 Re-rounded winch drum, with new Amsteel Dyneema cable and thimble.


Sunshine and temps in the mid 60s today are a welcome reprieve from snow, which is mostly gone now. A great little window for attending to a couple of things on the new old Lightning. I had intended to raise the mast to see how that works and to assess the rigging (which actually looks relatively new). That will have to wait for another day – I got distracted by the malfunctioning centerboard winch.

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Good Gear: Navigation & Weather Apps for Small Boats

Navionics Boating USA HD, showing Tides, Currents, Navigation Aids, and marinas. 


One of the benefits of sailing with other small boat people is sharing information. Small boaters are resourceful and inventive by choice and necessity, so any trip with others always sends me home with new ideas or info. Everything from camping gear, to boat maintenance and building tips, to tricks for doing even basic things you’ve always done one way. The trip around Gwynn’s Island was a good example. Curt has fitted out Annie with many small details that make life easier aboard, especially for single-handing. A home-made roller reefing system for his jib, a folding boarding ladder is another, bungie cord mounted on the cabin bulkhead to hold charts, etc.. Steve shared the pros and cons of using his new GoPro camera. I still use an inexpensive LED lantern he recommended, for both a general purpose camping and anchor light.

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