Lake Drummond

Bald Cypress fringe the shores of Lake Drummond


36°36’8.45″N  76°28’11.15″W  ~  Lake Drummond.kmz

There are many odd things about the Dismal Swamp. One of them, perhaps the most odd, is this:

At the heart of the swamp is Lake Drummond, a two and a half mile wide egg shaped saucer of black water, fringed along an indefinite shoreline with bald cypress. Most swamps are, by definition, shallow depressions in the landscape where water collects and can’t escape, forming bogs. Not so here. The highest point in the Dismal Swamp is actually the center of the lake in the center of the swamp. Water does not flow downhill to the lake – it wells up from the sandy bottom of the lake itself, and seeps out into the surrounding landscape to form the swamp.



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