Imaginary Adventures


Stepping in for the second first time


(to start of project)

We had a little fun the other night. With the interiors starting to take shape, you start to wonder what it will feel like sitting inside them. I couldn’t resist.

It felt good.

When Terri came downstairs I had to explain the footprints in the boats, so she wanted to see (hence the photos).

Then she wanted to try.

So we had a good laugh sitting inside them, taking imaginary adventures.


 It’s hard to tell in this photo, but this is me, stepping in from the shallow sand flats, fringed with mangroves, off Cedar Key.



 And here we are skimming through the sawgrass marshes, the ones that stretch from one horizon to the other between Savannah and Charleston, with a bucket of shrimp and crabs for dinner. Or maybe this is rounding Copicut Neck into Cuttyhunk Harbor. Could be.



 Looking for the anchor to settle in for the night on the beach at Assateague, or at the woods edge below camp along Saranac Lake, where a fire is already holding off the evening chill.



Ghosting up for a picnic along Man O’ War Falls in the shadow of Mount Desert Island, before heading back to Northeast Harbor. Or riding the tide out of Carter’s Creek on the way back to Windmill Point.



And finally a moonlight cruise around the harbor of St. Michaels, with the lights reflecting in the water, and the buoy bells dinging slowly, or could be Silver Lake in the moonlight on Ocracoke, it’s hard to tell. That’s as far as we got before nodding off to sleep.



Looks good.


The boat, too.
melonseed skiff, mellonseed skiff, melon seed, mellon seed   

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