Keswick & Cismont

Cattail Pond, Cismont


For friends and family, former Virginians and ex-pats, people who no longer live where the leaves change color, here are your annual fall foliage postcards. I’ll try to do some every couple of days, so you can follow the progress.

We’ll start with a few days ago, as the colors just began to come on in earnest. These photos are all from Keswick and Cismont, an area of hunt country estates and vineyards I pass through every day. All taken within a couple of miles of each other. The drive takes me along Peter’s Mountain, named for Thomas Jefferson’s father, past a working blacksmith shop, the Keswick Vineyards, and Grace Episcopal Church, where the Blessing of the Hounds is performed every year for the start of hunt season.




The view from the pond.












Foxtail grass, Cismont




Sheep farm, Cismont





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