Centerboard Testing

South Centerboard Tuning


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With the interiors essentially complete and loosely in place, and the centerboard cases locked down, last weekend I could finally test and fine tune the lift mechanisms for the centerboards. Big relief came when I slid the boards in and they actually seem to work as planned.

The goal is to be able to raise, lower, and adjust the centerboard depth from the rear of cockpit, by the tiller. In small boats of this type, small adjustments in the centerboard depth can make a big difference in performance and handling on different tacks. It’s not essential, but I tend to make constant adjustments when sailing my first boat. The easiest way to rig the lift pennant is a simple cord on through the rear of the case. Unfortunately, that puts it just out of easy reach when you need to keep a hand on the tiller, just enough of a hassle for a lazy man that once lowered you probably wouldn’t mess with it anymore.

The solution may be more trouble than it’s worth. We’ll have to see. If it becomes troublesome we’ll revert to simple, but for now it seems to work fine. Time will tell.










While trying things out with the framing in place, I did find I could use a better layout for running the lines than originally planned. The action will be easier, but still stay clear of gear stuffed under the decks. Rigging those up comes next.
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