Time Fast and Slow

 A heat lamp hurries epoxy cure.


(to start of project)

Much has transpired since the last post, most of it good.

On a sad personal note, our old dog died, the one in the videos from this past Spring. She couldn’t climb the few steps in and out of the house for the last month, but on her last day she climbed the full flight of stairs to the second floor twice to visit each of the girls’ rooms and sleep by our bed. We miss her.

The girls returned to school, so I’ve lost some helpers, but Terri has stepped into the breach like a real trooper. We worked until 3am Sunday night putting one of the decks on, and that potentially disastrous operation went very well. But more on that later. While waiting for the deck to cure, there’s time for some updates.

First, North got it’s last bentwood knees. To hurry up the epoxy curing process, I put a foam pad over the boat and left a 60 watt bulb burning inside. This raised the temperature from 68 degrees to 135, and cut the cure time from 5 days to two. That allowed me to prep and tung oil varnish the inside by the weekend.

In the meantime, the last of the brass turning blocks for the centerboard were made. Then all were installed and tested, along with some stainless steel eyestraps for a rope loop to hang the oars in. The hardware was then removed, and Dolphinite bedding compound applied to the holes for remounting later.














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