No, not bottles of beer on the wall.


That’s how much the boats weigh now. Just the hulls with floorboards inside – no rudders or centerboards or other furnishings. No real effort was made to keep them light, but I hoped they would come in under 200 pounds each, and they did, just.

Don’t think I’ll be toting them up over a shoulder like before:




Been a bit of a disfunctional week. First the dishwasher broke. Fixed that. Then the water heater fizzled with a stink that made us think the house was on fire. Replaced that and toted the old one to the dump. Twice, since it was closed the first time. Arrrgh. Life.

Been working on floorboards/decks/soles, or whatever the proper name is, in between all the home chores, and got them done late last night. No easy task. Will take them apart again and seal them tonight, and will post photos in a day or two.

Good news is we’re making preparations to bring them out of the basement this coming weekend. WOOT!

Fingers crossed the weather cooperates.



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