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Got the raggedy stems trimmed and sanded finally, which made Terri very happy. Had been saving that until I could see how tall the bow chocks would be and get a feel for proportions. The Rudder rods were cut, too,  so I could finally try out the Tillers. This critical testing process required a pleasant half hour of sitting in the boats daydreaming. They work quite well.

The tip-up function is nice. Tacking should only require lifting the handle overhead and scooching a few inches to the other side when coming about. The rods are still a little long; they’ll be trimmed down another half inch or so. I brazed on a piece of brass pipe to the ends for a grip, and the ring may come in handy, too.






With that done, it was time to apply the names and sheer stripes. The flourishes on the ends are stylized cattails – leaves at the stern, cattail seed head at the bow where an arrowhead often goes, and the stem as the stripe between. Seemed appropriate for shallow water marsh boats.


















Will be nice to get them outside when we can finally step back and see a whole boat. Weather is still a bit iffy, but if it holds we expect a small crowd of well-wishers to come for the birthing.

Just hope they still fit. They’re a couple of inches wider now.
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