Well Done


It’s done. The boats are out of the basement. A great evening, good friends, good food.
Sent by phone from the backyard. More soon





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  1. Yup, very tired. We still are. Got a peek at some photos today. More are on the way. Um, there was also a TV news reporter and a guy from the local weekly newspaper. Was all a bit surreal. Will post links soon.

  2. No pain no gain and brother you have definitely made great gains. What a wonderful Summer evening,great people, great food and drink, and the spoils of your laboring. The quintessential WOW for which an artist strives. The feeling of the creation and its enduring beaty. Thank you

  3. Thanks for being there guys. Was really glad you could make it. Can’t wait to see the house again, finished or not (are they ever?) Will let you know when I head toward the Northern Neck. I owe my sailmaker another visit.

  4. Ordered my melonseed from Rodger Crawford about a week ago. I live in Charlottesville and frequent lake anna often next year once I have my own melonseed would love to meet up for a sale, and to get a first hand look at those stunning boats you built, WOW is all I can say.

    1. Excellent! And congrats! Any idea when you get delivery?

      Curious if you have a favorite quiet corner on the Lake Anna. I either try to go during the week, or stick to the shallows where I won’t get buzzed by skiers and power boats.

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