First Sail in Fripp Inlet


My brother Todd drove down from Atlanta to be here for the first open water launch. He was on the boat with me for that first sail, too, which was very cool. Mom and Dad were there, and took photos as we rigged up and sailed off.


















She performed very well. Wind fairly steady betwen 5 and 12 knots. Very stable.

Couldn’t make much headway against the wind and the incoming tide at first, just reaching high back and forth across the inlet to keep from losing ground. Then we found the current slower along the far shore, and were able to tack our way uphill for about a half mile before the storm clouds moved in.

Shot just a little video from the boat. Some dolphin were following along behind us for a while.



HD LInk 


Met a nice guy at the ramp when we were loading up, also a sailor, and we talked for a while. He had been on big and small boats, and decided small boats were more fun, too. He snapped a photo for us.


Nice day. More sailing tomorrow.


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