Sailing with Dad

Got out again today, this time with my dad. Slack water at low tide, steady sea breeze of around 7 knots. Was perfect, really.

Dad has followed the project since it was still a “learning project” – the first boat built years ago. He said he’d been looking forward to this day for three years, and I know he has. Me, too. It was a good day.


We made 4 to 5 knots consistently on a close reach, and pointed much higher than yesterday. Easing off on the boom sprit to get more belly in the sail made a big difference. Another thing learned.

Also, started out with a two part line in the sheet today. Yesterday, we started out rigged for a single part, and switched it out on the water as it was just too tiring on the hands. The double block set up requires a lot more line, but is much more civilized. I’ll use that on all but the calmest days now.

We stayed inside the bridge on the inlet, tacking up and back, reaching back and forth, making some downwind runs. We made one run right up to the bridge, just to see if we could get through if we wanted to, then fell away at the last moment to cruise along the pylons. Then ended with a perfect, gentle, on point landing at the dock.






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