MASCF ~ Quiet Evening Sail

Ghosting on the Miles River

 For many who bring boats to the festival, Friday is the best day. All the boats are there, and friends, but the crowds haven’t arrived yet. It’s the most relaxing day if you get there early enough. A few people even manage to get there on Thursday, stretching that bliss out a little longer.

It was especially true this year. Friday was warm and sunny, a gentle breeze blowing most of the day. It died around sunset, and a few hours later would rise and gust, swinging around to the northwest, to bring a howling wind with cold rain for the next 48 hours.

But on this evening it was still warm and nice. The definition of ghosting – barely a breath of wind, but the boats still moving along smoothly. Tony took out Candide, with Emily and Bandit along for the ride. Terri and I got out in Caesura.

T was reluctant to take the tiller, and declined multiple invitations, but I managed to trick her into sailing a boat, any boat, for the first time Said I need to adjust something up front, just hold this a minute. She did great. Naturally trimmed the sail just right, and got the tiller steering immediately. It was nice to kick back and relax, just enjoy the view.

A lot of this video is a rather shaky, but still gives a good feel for the day.


Click the photo to open the video, or open this Youtube link.




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