Discipline vs Passion


Young accordeon players from KUM SONG School, filmed in Pyongyang, North Korea, December 2011.



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  1. Oh Barry,
    that’s very funny and sad at the same time. I’m an accordion player and know more accordion jokes than most, but that video deserves a new one. I also play bagpipes, apparently the best use of bagpipes is for kindling for an accordion fire……………..

    Back to stripped melonseeds, what was the glassing schedule for your hull?

    1. No offense intended. I love bagpipes, and sort of can love an accordion, or even a tin can, if it’s a good tune played passionately.

      Not sure how to answer your glassing question. My schedule was dictated by room temperature, and I always set aside two days for it. I would do the entire surface at once (outside or inside).

      – First coat was wet out.
      – Once that cured to no longer tacky, but still soft, I trimmed off the excess glass and applied the second coat.
      – Once that cured again to firm but not hard (took about half as long), I applied the last flood coat.

      Applying subsequent coats while the previous ones are still green avoids the need to sand a tooth in between coats. They chemically bond as one solid coat.

  2. Ah, as I recall, it was 6oz conventional glass throughout. I believe 42 inches wide. In any case, wide enough that it took two strips, which overlap the keel and go half way up the sides for a double layer – extra strength and protection against rocks and oysters.

    Here’s that post if you haven’t found it already:


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