Out of Hibernation

Starting to Snow


Friday evening we were grilling steaks outside in shirt sleeves, listening to the first peepers of the year in the back pond. Today, Sunday, we’ve been huddled by the woodstove all morning, waiting for the snow storm to arrive. It has.




Two inches in less than two hours.






A short break in the heavy stuff, but more on the way. Funny to see the daffodils and quince covered in snow.


Back again, two hours later:




Been offline for quite some time, I know, though surely haven’t been sleeping the winter away. Much has transpired over the past two months.

EyeInHand is now suddenly incorporated, with several excellent clients – all a pleasure to work with, and all doing interesting and challenging work. Experience earned over several decades is put to good use, which is a good thing, and the results are to everyone’s advantage. Nice when everyone wins.

I’ve also found myself teamed up with a small group of very bright, very driven friends and formed a partnership for a small startup company called Ahyayha. More on that later.

The result is I’ve been putting in 60+ hour weeks, which leaves little time for boats and play and blog posts, but I’m having a great time. It really is a lot of fun.



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