Sassafras River ~ Video

Sassafras River sailing.


* Update 6/22/12 – Someone on the WoodenBoat forum noticed something I didn’t. Keep an eye on the foreground during the opening credits. It comes right out of the surf. In the parts I edited out I can tell I almost stepped on it. – BL

Still trying to get the hang of sailing with two hands and working the camera with a third. Can’t seem to do either particularly well at once.

This covers two days. The first full day, starting with beaching on the sand spit, ending with rafting up in Turner’s Creek.

The next day, though it spanned maybe seven hours of sailing, kept all three hands full beating upwind, sitting up on the side rail most of the time. Only got brave enough to grab a couple of short clips. Must start attaching the camera to things, or bringing more hands.




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    1. Hey man! Yup, sporty for sure. In fact, couldn’t hold the camera for most of it. What makes it into the video is just what didn’t require clenching both hands and teeth (and cheeks). The boats with more sail spent most of the weekend double-reefed.

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