To the Patuxent

ready for the morning 


kitchen box for the boat, and spare gear box for the car


Sometime around noon tomorrow, a handful of guys will rendezvous at a long closed fishing camp on Broomes Island in the Patuxent River for the start of a four day camping/sailing cruise, exploring that relatively unspoiled tributary of the Chesapeake. I’ll be one of them.

There will be twelve boats, at last count. Oddly enough, most will be some variation on the catboat theme – a time-tested design for single or short-handed camping/sailing in this area – with a Navigator and a custom design or two thrown in for good measure. I’m hoping Mike Wick brings his newly adopted Haven 12 1/2. I’d love to see it, and this will be good deep water for it.

The weather outlook appears to be as ideal as could be hoped for. Warm and clear, with steady, mild wind out of the SSW all four days. Perfect for long easy reaches up and down the river.

Conditions permitting, a short post or two may appear here from the water.








I’m going to try something a little different this time, using the GPS in my phone for navigation instead of a dedicated GPS. I’ve been doing this since last summer, poking and  testing the limitations. There are some drawbacks, for sure, but some perks as well.

For one, I can automatically send our current location to an online map – sort of a nearshore SPOT system. Just go the map on the web, and enter the Channel code of 23232. If it works, an icon called EyeInHand should appear at our location in 10 minute intervals. Unless they ditch me. Otherwise, I’ll be in the company of good friends.

Click on the map to open in a popup, or click the link below to go directly to the MotionX website:


More soon.


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