Boats and Bikes ~ Canoeing Lake to Lake

 Paddling to Lake Oseeta 


A narrow channel connects Kiwassa Lake with Oseeta Lake. The entrance on Kiwassa was not far from the lodge. One evening we borrowed a canoe and paddled down it from one lake to the next. A beautiful, easy passage, like gliding through a water garden.



Some cabins tucked into the woods, a few well-kept boats docked along the shore, a few passing through on the way somewhere. Wildlife.

Hard to beat it.













































Some nice video from the trip:



 direct video link


Later that night we went into the town of Saranac Lake and had dinner in a little French restaurant called the Left Bank Cafe. It’s in an old store right along the river, with a balcony over the water. We had the best meal of the whole trip there, hands down. And, oddly, it was also the most reasonable.

A really nice way to end a very nice day.


















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