Canaan Valley ~ White Grass

Pricey snow, T photo


Before heading home we stop at White Grass, the cross country ski area we originally came for. They have a pile of snow out front, smaller than their sense of humor.  But the cafe is nice, good food and friendly people.


The cafe at White Grass. T photo


Turns out Chip Chase, the guy who started the place, once spent a lot of time in Virginia, is good friends with good friends of ours from way back, and knows Scottsville.

He offers to buy my old ski gear to turn into fence posts, which is about all it’s good for – I’ve glued the soles on twice, one pole broken, the other lost, the bindings no longer available – and sells me a set of good used equipment for about ⅓ what new would cost. At least I’ll have something to use if we get snow in Scottsville.





Some of that clear West Virginia coffee.


Clouds dip and drag across the top of ridge above the lodge, coating the trees with a layer of ice like the shiny trail left by a snail.


Clouds coating trees with ice at the ridge line. T photo.



I’ve been watching the weather since we got back. There’s sixteen inches of snow there now, and more on the way.




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