Saturday Morning Boats ~ St. Michaels

No words. Just pictures.




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  1. My favorite is #8 in the slide show. Very curious about that one.
    A very good friend, Jamie Orr, from Vancouver Is, BC took a trip cross-country to visit Nova Scotia recently and found himself quite by accident at St Michaels. I asked him if he met my very good friend, Barry Long. He didn’t recall your name, but in the circumstances, you two might have met anyway, names being what they are. He did remember meeting Steve, partially because he (Jamie) is a very good friend of John Welsford, having visited John several times in NZ. Small world, ain’t it?

  2. Pretty sure #8 is Chesapeake Light Craft’s Faering Cruiser. It was pretty fast in the race, as I recall, even with that shortened rig. I would have liked to speak to the owner, but never caught up with him.
    I did not get to meet Jamie, unfortunately. Steve pointed him out to me a couple of campsites over. He left before I got over to say hi. Steve said he really enjoyed talking with him.

    1. #8 is in fact my CLC Faering Cruiser Hvit Skygge. It came in first in its class (cruisers) in the race. It scoots right along because of the easily driven hull and 128 sq. ft of sail. It’s also quite comfortable to go camping in. I’ve got a website with my experiences with it at .

      Speaking of the website, that image of the boat docked at the waterman’s dock is one of the best pictures I’ve seen of it. What are the chances of using it (with the logo in place and properly credited, of course) on the website?

  3. Hi Laszlo, happy for you to use the photo. Links back to the site are much appreciated. Helps like minded people find similar content. I’ll be interested in following your adventures. The boat may have been designed specifically endurance cruises like the Watertribe events; seems like it would be a good fit for them. But with enough comforts to be a pleasure on more contemplative cruises.

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