Kitchen Renovation ~ Phase 1



After 20 years in this old house, things have gotten pretty tired and worn out. A few projects we meant to do and just never got around to, now have a lot of other things that need getting around to, as well. And they take precedence over boating; though weather has been terrible for that, anyway.

Finally got around to redoing the kitchen cabinets. Needed an exhaust fan, so had to design a hood that would vent through the chimney. There was originally a wood cook stove there. And we always hated the overhead ceiling fan light, so wired up some LED under cabinet lighting.

T collected a variety of vintage pulls and handles, which fit with our eclectic style – the original cabinets were made from scratch when the house was built – we kept those, adding new ones that are similar but different. Pretty much nothing matches, and we kind of like it that way.

Then sprung for nice new granite countertops from Albemarle Countertop Company – at least in half the kitchen. We may do the other half in Phase 2.

A lot of work, but we’re really happy with it.  This photo series shows the progression from before to after.








































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