First Bronica Photos

Local Venue ~ Crozet, Virginia

Got the first rolls developed from the new/old Bronica S2A. Very impressive.

These are from a roll of Ilford HP5 pushed two stops.

Cherry Blossom Lane ~ Batesville, Virginia
Repeating Patterns

Because it’s a “reflex” camera, it’s a little easier to use than the Graflex. A mirror lets you see through the lens in the viewfinder to focus and frame; then the mirror flips up automatically as you trip the shutter.

With the Graflex, you either have to swap in the ground glass viewfinder for critical focus and framing, then swap in the film cartridge and try not to move while doing that – or use the rangefinder to focus, sort of, and use the guides or the view-peeper-thingy to frame while you shoot. You sort of have to embrace the serendipity of the process.

That said, the Graflex is more portable and compact. It folds up into a tidy package with a handle. The Bronica is a brick, weighing 4 pounds. No handle, only prongs to attach a strap, which would get really old in a short time hanging around your neck.

More to come.

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  1. I’m loving what you’re doing. Having a vicarious pleasure. Have you ever tried developing your own film? If I recall its pretty easy if you have the chemicals and the right spool.

    1. Indeed. I had a full working darkroom until recently, had all the gear since high school. I developed and printed both B&W and color. In college and for a few years after, I made a meager living doing it for other photographers.

      But I lost all the equipment in the fire, and by then had not used it for decades, so didn’t seem worth replacing it. But a friend gave me his old tanks and some odds and ends. If this dalliance continues, I will start developing film again. I have a good scanner now, so don’t need to go whole hog on enlargers and trays, etc.. Just doing film will be fast and easy, with minimal expense.

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