A Season Passes

Twilight, Blue Ridge & Barns


(to start of project)

Spring is finally here. A full season, plus a bit, has now passed since the boat project began. I’m about a month behind the optimistic schedule, but still fairly close to the more realistic one. No worries, yet. I expect to use several three day weekends sprinkled through Spring and Summer, and a couple of those should catch me up pretty quick. Ignoring other house projects of course helps, but those are piling up – painting, repairs, yard work, and on and on – none of it getting done. We’re going for shabby chic this year, and succeeding wonderfully.

Of course, some days you just have to take a break, soak up a little sun, and remember how great it is to be alive.


Morning, shoulder of Carter’s Mountain



Kluge Vineyard, rain



What the rabbits left




melonseed skiff, mellonseed skiff, melon seed, mellon seed   

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