50 cents a ride.


(to start of project)

I got nothin. In five days I’ll be 50. I won’t be done by then. I was hoping to have a Boat Birthing/50th Birthday Party by February 28, but it ain’t gonna happen. Weather and Life have conspired against me. I’m two months behind. I’m flooding the basement, trying to bring up the humidity so my wood won’t warp. (No metaphors, please.) The power goes out, then comes back on. There’s still six inches of snow in the yard, with more on the way tomorrow, though flowers are coming up through the frozen ground.


How do they know?


I need more sunlight.



2 Replies to “Nothing”

  1. Oh, now this IS something. Sail boats, remember them, the pair affectionately named North and South, in our basement?!?! Go there, BE with them. Save the roll of quarters for poker, cast off these foolish equestrian notions. I PROMISE we’ll throw you a humdinger of a birthday-boaty bash one day soon!

    Thursday, February 25, 2010 – 02:45 PM

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