Basement Boats

Old Furnace Door


(to start of project)

Just a quick post while waiting for my lovely assistant to return.

This was shot a couple of weeks ago, and will be one of the last views of the interiors before the decks go on for good.

Gives an idea of what it’s like to descend into “The Cave.”

Pay no attention to the peeling paint, crumbling siding and other signs of neglect that have appeared since the project began. I have no excuse.  Although, I actually consider it prudent to hold off on repairs to the back of the house until the boats come out, in case, you know, some demolition is required:





4 Replies to “Basement Boats”

    1. Well, I HAVE been thinking of putting a double French Door on the back of the house. It’s going to be darn close, if they do make it. The next video should be the of the birthing process, so stay tuned.

      Not sure exactly which figures you mean, but if it’s the decks, the last one went on today – which is why I’m writing this at 4am.

      – Barry
      Saturday, September 4, 2010 – 04:03 AM

  1. Love it Barry! Gives a whole new perspective to the project. It remind me of the TV show Navy NCIS. One of the main characters is building a good sized boat in his basement. Everyone speculates how he is going to get it out of there. Then one day it is gone, and still in one piece. Hmmmmm.

    Saturday, September 4, 2010 – 08:29 PM

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