Exit Strategy

The way out. 


(to start of project)

I’ve got three strong, skinny friends coming over in the morning to try and get Caesura out the basement door for the first time. Yes, I’m a tad nervous. Ok, very.

I’ve done the walk-throughs, removed protruding nails from walls and doors on the way, etc., but that’s about all I can do at this point. Still, it’s pretty exciting. And I have the next three days off, all reserved for getting ready!

The bummer is, after a summer-long drought – completely rain and storm free – Tropical Storm 16 is scheduled to arrive tomorrow evening, bringing wind and torrential rains that won’t stop until Friday morning. So all those things I was going to do with the boat outside to get it ready for the trip to St. Michaels? Well, looks like they’ll be on hold until we get back.

Ah, well. Apparently, this is not my time. The right time will come, and it will be great.

Meanwhile, fingers are crossed for tomorrow. And we’ll definitely set Caesura down away from potentially boat-crushing trees. If I can’t work on the boat, I’ll at least post something about how things go with the whole exit thing.

The good news is the weather should be absolutely beautiful in St. Michaels for the weekend.


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2 Replies to “Exit Strategy”

  1. Just finished shaping, sanding and polishing the coaming. So the whole topside is ready for varnish.

    Anybody know how to direct a hurricane about 200 miles east?

    Is it weird to leave comments on your own blog, like some kind of alternate subtext?

    Wednesday, September 29, 2010 – 02:30 AM

  2. Barry, just don’t start referring to yourself in the thrid person and I think you are ok with leaving comments on your own blog post.
    Bummer on the rain! But maybe you can get some sleep and not be comatose at MASCF. And as usual, you have an open seat on my ‘seed.

    Wednesday, September 29, 2010 – 10:26 AM

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