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Mirror Pond 


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Our house is surrounded by over 300 acres of woods and overgrown hay fields. The land was bought by a big-time developer just days before we moved in, but has laid fallow for almost 30 years. We’ve savored the quiet it provides, a buffer between us and the rest of the world, and it’s a haven for all sorts of wildlife. We frequently take walks there in the evening.

Among other things, the economy has been an effective barrier to ambitious building projects, but last week the developer cleared the last hurdle with the town to finally build on the property. Within a few years there’ll be 30 or so houses in the field next to us. Knowing this makes us even more appreciative of what’s there while it lasts.

There was snow in the mountains last night. A hard freeze will be here by morning. In a few more days, the leaves will be all gone.


















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