Painting: Final Coat



Got the final coat on both creatures last night after dinner, so that’s done, and the house can finally start airing out. The fumes are rather heady, to say the least.

Within a few hours, the fresh paint was firm enough to remove all that attractive blue tape. I was anxious to do that, curious to see how the natural wood accents would interact with the colors. Very nice, i think. Should be even better once rails, stems and transoms have been cleaned up and varnished – at the moment they’re dusty and only have a seal coat of epoxy.

















There’s a long holiday weekend coming up, with extra time to relax a bit and take care of smaller tasks. The paint will have a few days to harden up before I clean and varnish the exposed wood. “California” Doug Lawson is in town with the family for a visit back East. I had promised last winter to have a boat for him to sail when he got here, but obviously lied, yet again. Sorry Doug. We’ll likely putter in the shop a bit, and maybe find a way to get on the water before the holiday crowd ramps up.

Not sure what will come next – the list is getting rather short now, and options are becoming limited. There’s hardware to mount, and some to make (that should be interesting), the floor decks (another challenge), and some final fitting out and fine tuning. Probably a dozen small things I’ll think of as launch day approaches. Then these boats can make their final exit from the basement, when the masts and sail rigs can finally be fitted and tested. What a fun day that will be.



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