Live Race Tracking

photo by Allen B. Graves


In addition to the live SPOT tracking page for Quintessence, which will show her position throughout the week, there is another tracking page dedicated to the race itself.

The Baltimore Marine Center has donated gear and tech to put tracking devices on all the schooners. This will show the relative positions of all the ships during the race, so you can see who is in the lead. You get to it here:

 Baltimore Marine Centers > Home

You’ll see a Live Race Results link to access the page. They’ll ask for you email address, then you can open the tracking page.

You’ll also see an optional version that uses Google Earth. Funny thing is, when I open it now, 36 hours before the start, all the schooners are crowded into a tiny parking lot outside Colchester, Connecticut. I suppose that’s where the transponders are being programmed. They’ll be assigned to the schooner captains tomorrow.



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