Two small villages of less than 500 souls, on an island isolated from the rest of the world, consisting almost entirely of a volcano in constant eruption for over 2000 years. Yup, my kind of place.

I want to go here:


O mare from wecrosstheline on Vimeo.

(note new motor, uses oars instead)



Summons – Stromboli Island (5D MkII) from LowResFilms on Vimeo.



What I did last summer . . .

Blue Penny Quarterly ~ Fall 2012


Can’t believe it’s already over.

This was supposed to be my summer of sailing and house repairs, but turns out I’ve done little and none of either. Too much work. Much of it has been on fun projects, though, and continues to be. More on the others later, but one just finished up last week.

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Making It Up

  The proper way to do a reading


I have friends in New York City, and I’ve spent a bit of time there off and on over the years. Enough to know it’s a very different place. I grew up in the South, after all. It’s a place unto itself, for sure, not so much a part of America as in spite of it. And so, quintessentially American. But it ain’t Kansas, Dorothy.

A friend on the west coast, a fellow writer and small boat sailor, contacted me about a new project the other day. We met through a mutual love for writing over 20 years ago, and he went on to publish one of the first online literary journals for the web, The Blue Moon Review. It’s been dark for some time now (kids, life, etc.) but he’s been writing again, and got the bug, so has decided to fire it up again as The Blue Penny Quarterly.

We think a lot alike, and I’ve offered to design and produce the digital downloadable version of it. Should be fun, with lots of experimentation and pushing the limits on things. There’s so much you can do with this medium that you can’t do with print alone. Some will fail, no doubt, and some will hopefully work in wondrous ways. It’s all part of the process.

The video above is part of the promotion for a gallery show of Letterpress Art Show opening in NYC called New York Writes Itself. (I have other friends who are practitioners of this arcane, impractical, outdated craft, and this is right up their alley.) I like the untraditional twist on the author’s reading. Hope they do more like it.

If you’re a writer with a literary bent, the submissions line is open. If you know someone who might be interested, pass it on.




A Year of Days, the Sky

This is a very cool project recently completed by Ken Murphy called A History of the Sky. It’s a video mosaic of the sky over San Francisco Bay – a year of days captured and synchronized to play simultaneously.

Created in conjunction with the Exploratorium Museum and a Kickstarter project, he plans to install it in various configurations of monitors and projectors.

Another example of Art made of Time.



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Notes on the Plan


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